Parliament is dominated Malang new face

Council Chair ‘s term 2014 -2019 in Malang , East Java , will be dominated by new faces Nasdem Party , Gerindra , PDI-P , Golkar Party , Democrats and PKB .

Chairman of the Council of the Golkar Party Malang , Rendra Kresna on Saturday , it has its own calculation of the possibility of his party’s vice chair in the council building could penetrate 14 seats .

" Counting ballots have not even finished, let alone voters divisor is also unknown and determined exactly . When you finish all , we can be sure how many new seats gained , " he said .

In line with Rendra , Chairman DPC PDIP Malang Saso Day party claiming to calculations performed , there is the additional possibility of a seat in the constituency ( electoral district ) 6 which covers an area Ngajum , Kalipare , Sumberpucung , Ngajum , Kromengan , Wonosari , and Pakisaji . From 13 seats to 14 seats .

Parliament will Malang “controlled ” the three parties in the April 9 legislative elections voice significant achievement , which is 23.76 percent of the vote PDIP , Golkar and PKB 21.19 percent 15.21 percent .

Gerindra followed by 10.76 percent , 6.43 percent Democrat , Nasdem 6.12 percent , 4.44 percent MCC , Hanura 4.12 percent , 3.58 percent PPP , PAN 3.34 percent , 0.65 percent UN and 12:40 percent . Incoming ballots reached 80 percent .

While in Malang occupants parliament next five years are also filled a new face on which of the 45 members of the board , only 17 survived the long face , whereas in Batu , the council of 25 members , only 9 survive long face .

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Counting ballots by the Commission on Public Peilihan Malang done today , while the city of Malang and Batu tomorrow Sunday.


Ship captain Sewol that Karam: I’m sorry …

Captain with 2 crew captured South Korean police as it is considered negligent in the incident Sewol ferry shipwreck off the coast of the State Ginseng.

The ship’s captain Lee Joon-seok expressed an apology to the entire public in South Korea, especially the families of the victims. Ships laden Sewol approximately 460 high school students who were on their way to Jeju Island tour.

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"I apologize to you all for this incident. From the deepest heart of hearts, I apologize to the families of the victims," ​​said Lee, who was rescued evacuation team, as published by the BBC on Saturday (19/04/2014).

Lee arrested the police as it is considered too late to give orders evacuation of passengers when the vessel began sinking. The captain admitted the ship sank so quickly even though he had ordered the evacuation.

According to him, if the immediate evacuation Plainly, then the passengers could drown. Therefore, he decided to order that passengers wear life jacket vest first. Only then evacuated.

He explained that, when traveling, the waves are so strong and the air temperature is very cold. In addition, the rescue team has not come when the boat capsized. That is another consideration, why he did not immediately order the evacuation of passengers.

Cho Joon-ki, steering the ship interpreter who was also arrested, said he did not think the ship could be so fast. The movement of the ship, according to him, is very far from what they expected.

"There are mistakes that become my responsibility, but the ship rotates away from the teeth should be," said Cho.

The search for a passenger ship is currently being continued. So far, the death toll reached 29 people, while 270 passengers unaccounted for.


Victims of Ferry South Korea to Reach 25 Life

As of Friday, April 18, 2014 morning , the death toll from ferry capsize in waters off South Korea has reached 25 . Ship that sank in waters southwest of South Korea on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , at around 11:30 local time .

Quoted from Xinhua , 25 deaths consisted of 12 students who undertake study tours , 2 teachers , and 3 crew . Meanwhile , 179 people were rescued and 271 others are still missing .

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Three rescue boats arrived on the scene on Friday morning to pull the ship weighing 6,325 tons out of the water . Hundreds of coast guard and navy divers are still working hard to find hundreds of people missing .

The ferry carrying 475 people , including 325 Korean middle school students and 15 teachers departed from Incheon on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 , to the resort island of Jeju .

The ferry was originally scheduled to leave the dock Icheon on Tuesday , at 18.30 local time . However , due to the thick fog , the trip was postponed until 21.00 with 475 passengers brought to Jeju Island .

It is not known the exact cause of the accident . Some speculation also appear. Referred to as lane change trigger the accident . Therefore , the ferry could hit rock though few changing lanes . Plus, the weather was foggy .


"Debt Collector" Rough, Can Bank Revoked Licenses

Bank Indonesia ( BI ) will provide tough sanctions to banks who use the services of a debt collector or debt collector using a brute force approach to the customer .

Executive Director of Policy and Payment System Oversight BI , Rosmaya Hadi , said the decision was taken following a number of violent acts committed precedent debt collectors .

BI , further Rosmaya , urged banks to not use abusive debt collectors on the customer . The call will change to the prohibition issued sanctions against the relevant bank products . In fact , if the events out of the ordinary , a bank license will be revoked .

" Setting a debt collector services authority in BI . Banks may use the services of debt collectors origin should not be rude , no charge time , no alerts . If that happens , our law , can no longer be issuing new cards to revoke the license , see the case as what , " he said , at the Bank of Indonesia, Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

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Associated with cases of beatings to someone who claims to customers of a bank in West Jakarta , Rosmaya mentions it as the regulator in the process of the case.


AM Fatwa Still puncaki Vote for DPD from Jakarta

Former Vice Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly ( MPR ) is also a senior politician of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , AM Fatwa , for while winning the vote for seats in the Regional Representatives Council ( DPD ) of the electoral district of Jakarta .

Based on incoming data on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) , AM Fatwa sitting in the first rank DPD candidate who collects the most votes with 172 875 votes. The second place is occupied while the daughter of former Industry Minister Fahmi Idris , Idris Fahira , with 170 041 votes.

For the third rank of the vote while the selection of the city is occupied academics Council of the Islamic University As’Syafi’iyah , Dailami Firdaus , with the support of 137 960 votes. While the fourth is occupied Abdul Aziz Khaifa with 113 387 votes.

On Tuesday , the valid votes that go to Jakarta KPU reached 1,340,514 votes for the election of the DPD . The data will be summed with the incoming voice data on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) and the data are expected to be entered on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

" The data today will be yesterday ‘s recap with the data and the data will still be entered . Maybe completion of Wednesday afternoon , " said one of the monitors at Joint Command Post Election 2014 , the City Hall , to , Tuesday night .

Meanwhile , the incoming voice data while on Monday , the fourth name also gain temporary control of four big sound , in the same order as well . Details, AM Fatwa voice 148 595 , 144 769 Fahira sound Idris , Firdaus 113 256 Dailami , and Abdul Aziz Khaifa 94 287 .

As for the number of valid votes in on Monday for the election of Council on Monday recapitulation reached 1,173,052 votes. At the legislative elections in 2014 , there are 35 legislative candidates competing for four seats DPD period 2014-2019 .

In addition to the four names that topped the vote while the selection of DKI Jakarta DPD , some names of other candidates is Betawi figure , M Rifqy ; Bawaslu Chairman of Jakarta in 2009 elections , Ramdansyah ; and senior politicians PDI - P , Sabam Sirait .

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Based on data from Jakarta KPU , in the capital there are 7,024,669 voters are divided over 3,558,567 men and 3,466,012 women . Voters in Jakarta is divided in 17 035 polling stations ( TPS ) in three constituencies . Especially for DPD elections , electoral districts used is the province , with each province was allocated four seats DPD .


How to Drink The Sea Serpent?

Just like other animals , sea snakes also need a drink . The problem is , most of their life is spent in the sea where the water is not drinkable . Sea snakes can develop tricks to keep drinking and keep the body hydrated .

Researchers from the University of Florida in Gainesville to study the behavior of the yellow -bellied sea snake in the search for drinking . The sea snake is one of the most poisonous animals and reptiles with a wide distribution in the world . Many sea snakes that live in open water away from the mainland . Some species , including the yellow -bellied sea snake , never expected to leave the sea .

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In a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society , Harvey Lillywhite and his colleagues found that the sea snake looking for a drink to go into the territorial waters of which was hit by heavy rains . There were sea snakes awaiting the formation of a collection of fresh water , the researchers call a ” lens ” , on the surface . From the lens of sea snakes that get their drinking water .

According Lillywhite , during a rain storm a lot of fresh water floating on the sea surface . “Fresh water is more dilute than sea water so as to keep floating , ” Lillywhite said as quoted by LiveScience , March 28, 2014 . ” Size , purity and freshwater lenses how long it lasts depends on the intensity of natural conditions such as rain and wind . “

The thickness of the freshwater lens in the sea can reach one meter and can last for several days . Sea snakes that swim from the bottom and into the freshwater lens as she drank . No one knows how sea snakes can get a rain -hit areas in the vast waters . ” It seems they do not go far to look for rain , ” says Lillywhite . ” When they breathe at the surface of the possibilities they can detect changes in the air and rain . “

Yellow -bellied sea snake habitat off the coast of southern Africa , Indo - Pacific waters to the coasts of Central America . They can grow one meter . Flattened tail serves as a paddle when swimming . Like other snakes and marine mammals , sea snakes also breathe using lungs despite spending his life in the water .

Sea snakes are very slow loss of body fluids . Their skin is also impenetrable sea water . Sea snake ‘s body is designed to deal with extreme conditions with minimal fluid levels that can kill humans if experiencing similar conditions .

Fluid in the body hydrated sea snake reaches 80 percent . While most of the bodies of animals , including humans , contain only 60 percent of the liquid . ” They also have effective glands secrete salt from the body when they swallow sea water , ” said Jack Cover , a curator at the National Aquarium , Baltimore .


Sad Obama Repeated Tragedy at Fort Hood

U.S. President Barack Obama claimed saddened by the shootings at Fort Hood Military Base , Texas , USA, on Wednesday ( 2/4 ) evening local time Thursday morning GMT .

Obama immediately perform an emergency meeting after receiving a report about the incident .

" The current situation is already melting … I just want us all to make sure what’s actually happening on the ground . We obviously gutted why events like this could happen again , " Obama said .

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He refers to the action of a similar massacre that occurred at Fort Hood in 2009 .

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel also claimed to have been monitoring the situation at Fort Hood . Told reporters in Honolulu , Hagel described what happened at the Army base as a ” terrible tragedy . “

" We know there are casualties . There were dead and wounded . , But we do not have all the facts related to it anymore , " he said .

Until now there has been no news about the details of the events at Fort Hood Wednesday night .

A senior U.S. military official said the actor died in a shooting that triggered the event . However , news of the death of the gunman was not immediately be confirmed .

The senior official said , a number of wounded soldiers had rushed to Carl R Darnall Medical Center and other local hospitals . They are still undergoing intensive treatment .

Initial reports that the incident started as a soldier attacks against other soldiers in the military base .

In the ranks of law enforcement source said the shooting was not related to terrorism .


Follow Citizens Voting Interests Birthday High

Interests Surodadi villagers , Magelang regency , Central Java , following the re-voting remains high , although not carried out on a holiday .

Chairman of the Voting Committee ( KPPS ) TPS 3 Surodadi Village , District Candimulyo , M. Churmain , in Magelang , on Saturday , said the turnout at the ballot again this is almost the same as in the April 9 election .

He mentioned this on repeat voting turnout of 187 people , while the April 9 election as 188 people from the voter list as many as 224 people remain .

" Thank God that is present enough . Based on our observations than the April 9 election no one person is absent due to go to school , to the voting booths closed at 13.00 pm he had not come home from school , " he said .

He said , TPS 3 Surodadi village forced to vote again because Magelang District Council ballot confused with other constituencies .

" Voting is a special birthday for Magelang district legislature , while the DPD , the House of Representatives , and the provincial assembly is not repeated , " he said .

In TPS 3 Surodadi note there are 53 ballots confused , nine of which are already in use . Ballots at the polling station confused with IV constituency ballot ( Secang , Grabag , and Ngablak ) . In fact , at the polling station electoral district that includes V ( Candimulyo , Tegalrejo , ferns , and Sawangan ) .

In addition to TPS 3 , re- polling is also done in TPS 2 Surodadi village for the same case , the ballot confused with other constituencies .

Chairman KPPS TPS 2 Surodadi , Suryanto , say , two hours before polling stations closed , turnout has reached 230 people . On 9 April 2014 election , a turnout of 285 people from as many as 361 people DPT .

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To remind residents to vote on the re-voting , officials announced over loudspeakers in mosques or mosque suapaya residents who have not come to polling stations to cast soon .


Logitech K830 Keyboard for Smart TV

Watching the smart TV ( Smart TV ) fun because it allows us watching media content from a computer or the Internet without the need for a personal computer ( PC ) in the living room . However , there is a problem : typing with the remote control is an unpleasant thing .

But now products like the Logitech Keyboard K830 Living - Room makes typing and navigating the smart TV platform and HTPC ( home theater PC ) becomes easier .

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The new keyboard that makes the users PC - to- TV devices connected to them from anywhere in the house . Intended for connected TV owners , it displays a button keyboard with backlighting , integrated touchpad , and advanced wireless connectivity to access TV , movies , music , and photos from the comfort of your couch .

" More and more consumers want an easy way to access movies , TV programs , music , and photos , with their PC connected to the TV , " said Charlotte Johs , global vice president for brand development for Logitech PC accessories , as quoted by PCMag , Wednesday , April 9.

Such as smart phones and tablets screen , the keyboard backlight automatically become dimmer and brighter according to the intensity of light in the room . After five seconds of inactivity , the backlight is off to help save power . If the user starts typing again , the button will re- light .

" Designed for modern living , aesthetics fused with the K830 , make it a standout choice for people with connected TVs , " said Johs . Users can utilize the keyboard to enter a password and a keyword search , status updates , browsing , or blogging without cables or additional gadgets .

By combining the traditional keyboard and mouse into one device , the Logitech hopes to avoid clutter . The keyboard also offers long distance 2.4GHz wireless connection , allowing users to continue working on the PC as far as 33 meters .

The award -winning lightweight device is equipped with soft keys that are optimized to control the media and entertainment , as well as the responsive touchpad cursor control . Battery refill promised last ten days after being charged for three hours through the micro USB cable .

Users can also download the compatible software that allows setting the keyboard and touchpad settings .

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K830 Living Room is already available in the U.S. and Europe in April 2014 for U.S. $ 99.99 . Consider other techno news here .


This evidence Market Participants Disappointed with the Acquisition of the PDIP

Calculate fast ( quick count ) are made ​​of various institutions show sound achievement PDI less than 20 percent . On the acquisition , market participants expressed kekecewaaannya .

With the acquisition , the PDI-P should hold the other party to a coalition , if you want to carry Joko Widodo as a presidential candidate .

In this Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , a number of indicators that show his dissatisfaction over the market , among others, the achievement of the PDI-P Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ), which plunged 3.3 percent, at 4,757 .

In addition , government bond yields rose 10-year to 7.8 percent , as well as the exchange rate is down about 0.4 percent to Rp 11,338 per U.S. dollar .

Analyst Bank Danamon , Anton Hendranata revealed , with the acquisition of the voice , the result of the presidential election that will come increasingly unpredictable market participants . ” Who is the coalition PDIP and vice presidential candidates are paired with Joko Widodo will be key , ” he wrote .

He said , if later Joko Widodo became president , support legislative support of PDIP the next administration will also be weak .

However, Anton assess legislative elections were quiet and without turbulence will give a positive sentiment on the Indonesian economy . For that , he predicts the exchange rate can be strengthened to the level of USD 11 058 per U.S. dollar .

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" We see the exchange rate fluctuated with weakening expected to reach Rp 12,000 - Rp 12,500 per U.S. dollar as demand will be high in May-June , " he added .