Liquid Nitrogen and Fire throwers in the Arena “Race” Computer

In the event the exhibition Computex 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan, Intel introduced a new processor model called Core i7-4790K. Chip code-named “Devil’s Canyon” was specifically designed for overclocking enthusiasts.

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Now, to prove the toughness of the Core i7-4790K, Intel held a contest put on overclocking the processor on Tuesday (03/06/2014) night at a shopping center in the city of Taipei.

Overclocking itself is a technique to improve the performance boost processor frequency as high as possible while still maintaining stability. The processor in question should be able to run the application as normal despite being forced to work beyond the normal limits. This activity is a hobby for computer enthusiasts who are fond of the person who tinkers.

One of the biggest challenges is keeping the temperature in overclocking the processor from getting too hot and make the experience a computer crash or error.

Oik Joseph / Two people from the tech site Jagat, Dedy Irvan (right) and Reza Afrian Ramadan, representing Indonesia in the race overclocking the Core i7-4790K Intel held in the exhibition Computex 2014, Taiwan
In a race that was held Intel, as many as 20 participants using a wide variety of processor cooling, ranging from the fairly “reasonable” as alias aircooling alloy heatsink and fan, to extreme methods like wearing liquid nitrogen.

"Of the 20 people, eight of whom are amateur overclockers who were randomly selected through HWBOT site is the reference in the world of overclocking. Remainder is a professional overclockers are often involved in the competition" said Product Marketing Engineer Intel Darrin Lynch when met on the sidelines KompasTekno race event.

the participants come from different countries all over like Taiwan, Russia and Greece. Two representatives of the Indonesian segment helped enliven amateur overclockers. One of them had won the title three categories.

Liquid nitrogen and a bottle of beer

Oik Joseph / A participant from a flask of liquid nitrogen poured into the container named “bong”, a hunk of metal that has a square hole in the center and attached to the processor. Smoke haze arising from water vapor in the air cools suddenly
KompasTekno observations in the arena of competition, most participants seemed to rely on liquid nitrogen as a coolant. “The shape of the liquid from the gas does have a very cold temperatures, up to -200 degrees Celsius until the processor can reduce hot as any,” said Lynch.

The problem is, not like plain water, liquid nitrogen can not be piped to the surface of the processor because it will continuously raises condensation and frost which can make electronic circuits shorted out the computer, in addition to the highly volatile at room temperature.

Be the participants were forced to pour liquid nitrogen slowly and in a certain time interval as needed into the container named “bong” is affixed to the surface of the processor.

Her whole body bong made of aluminum or copper metal coated with insulating material to prevent water condensation dripping onto the bare PCB boards around it.

Oik Joseph / beer bottles strewn on the table participants. Yellow tube-shaped tool on the right perupakan portable flamethrower or torch used to fight the cold temperature of liquid nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen is stored in a large tank designed specifically to accommodate the gas. When about to be used, the liquid nitrogen must be transferred into another smaller tank, before being transferred back to the flask.

Thermoses is used as the final container before pouring liquid nitrogen into a bong. A number of empty beer bottles strewn size pint looked at the table some of the participants. Either it has been poured into a bong or abdomen to overclockers.

Because of the cold of liquid nitrogen, some of the runners carrying a portable welding tool or torch to raise the temperature of the processor when needed since the system can also crash if too cold.

The fire of the tool was poured into a bong-to the same place with location-pouring liquid nitrogen to increase when the temperature dropped too far as a result of liquid nitrogen.

Balancing the temperature is one of the biggest challenges in overclocking, not to mention all sorts of other parameter settings that can affect the stability, such as voltage magnitude, frequency memory, and so on.

5.5 GHz

In addition to the participants, space bar is used as the overclocking arena filled with hundreds of others. There is a host of the show, the organizers were busy pouring liquid nitrogen, to busy reporters covering the race.

"I’ve heard no one can reach 4.5 GHz, 4.7 GHz, let’s move on, do not give up!" cried Lisa Graff, group vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group Intel Desktop Client spark from a stage, cheering greeted the participants.

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When the contest ends midnight, a record for the highest frequency successfully etched. Frequency of Core i7-4790K managed to be boosted up to 6.3 GHz with liquid nitrogen cooling. A participant who wears aircooling managed to force the processor that runs at the speed of 5.5 GHz.


4G Technology degree , Tri Wish can Slots at 1800 Mhz

4G Technology degree , Tri Wish can Slots at 1800 Mhz

3 Indonesian PT Hutchinson , manager of GSM Operator 3 ( Tri ) established itself as one of the giants of data provider in Indonesia by holding a trial of LTE technology ( Long Term Evolution - 3GPP 4G ) in the 1800 MHz frequency .( Read: proses pengecoran aluminium )
The trial lasted for three months from May 1 to July 31, 2014 in Yogyakarta and Bali , with reference to the technical trial of LTE licenses from the Directorate General of Resources and Equipment Post and Information Technology , Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Indonesia on 10 April 2014 .

Manjot Mann , President Director Tri , expressed optimism trial is supported by the infrastructure and technology standards and ready to apply LTE technology .

" However, to implement LTE there are two crucial elements that we need: the readiness of the device and spectrum , " said President Director Tri Manjot Mann in a statement received Okezone , Tuesday ( 05/03/2014 ) .

It was , said Manjot , Tri had been prepared to invest in the procurement of the device and the current Tri still awaiting the government to determine the reallocation of spectrum to be used by Indonesia for LTE technology .pengecoran almunium

" Like many who have already applied the global market , Tri expect LTE to be applied in the 1800 Mhz spectrum , " said Manjot Mann hoped .

Tri now has one of the best and leading technology in the field of data services with the power of BTS 33 219 (as of Q1 2014 ) . , Consisting of 18 707 and 14 512 2G BTS node B that 70 percent of them have a network capacity of up to 42Mbps


Support Prabowo, Mubarok Leaders Give Example of Galak

Members of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party , Ahmad Mubarok , supportive partner Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa to become president and vice president . He specifically asked the public to choose Prabowo .

Initially , Mubarok tells a brief history of the great scholars of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal or Hambali when polled to choose the leader of a war-torn country . At that time , said Mubarok , Imam Hambali was faced with two choices of leaders .

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" First , he’s a great lead and champion the military , but fierce . Which one another , piety , but could not lead , " said Mubarok while giving testimonials at Balai Kartini , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .

Mubarok said Imam Hambali finally chose the first candidate to military whiz at all costs . According Mubarok , Indonesia is also a war beat poverty and unemployment . For that , he tends to choose a leader who has the ability qualified.

" Choose the leadership is strong . Choose this fierce , " said Professor of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta.

Mubarok said his support for pairs Prabowo - Hatta is a personal support in his capacity as a professor . According to him , today’s Democrats are neutral and will decide its position on June 1 .


Telkomsel Expects 24 Percent Revenue from Digital

Entering the 19th year , Telkomsel taking birthday theme ” Make Your Future Full Color ” . The largest mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia is hoping to be stronger in digital services .

" Since it was first served 19 years ago Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke , Telkomsel always appear in the forefront of mobile technology advances homeland with a variety of services , ranging from voice , SMS , up to broadband , and now digital services , " said President Director of Telkomsel , Alex J. Sinaga , in a written statement .

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In 2014 , Telkomsel targets consisting of digital services digital advertising , digital lifestyle , digital payment and banking , as well as solutions for the digital SME can account for 24 % of the company’s revenue .

Not long ago , Telkomsel Telkomsel Ball also announced applications Samba , related to the 2014 World Cup . Telkomsel has the officially licensed ” The Official Mobile wrong of the 2014 FIFA World Cup ” in Indonesia .

" To go fully digital in an effort to lead the company and the Indonesian cellular industry in the digital age we are ready to implement the latest generation of mobile technology , strengthen broadband and internet access as well as the acceleration of digital services . Ecosystem DNA ( Digital , Network , and Application ) also need to be built to encourage the creation of digital Indonesian society , including by cooperating with local developers , "explained Alex .

On the other hand , Telkomsel also admitted setting up the infrastructure . Some of the data presented , including the construction of 300 broadband city , 76 thousand base stations across Indonesia to the quantity of subscribers reaching more than 135 million .

19th Birthday Telkomsel fall exactly on May 26, 2014 . However , a series of events to welcome it has been done since the ” Digi Telkomsel Expo ” , lottery program ” Lively 19 birthday Telkomsel ” , LOOP Soccer Fun Festival in 12 cities . While the peak will be conducted in the second week of June 2014 .


Politicization SDA Case Not Appropriate Legal Principles

DPP Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) Daulay Partaonan Saleh called on all parties to respect the statement of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) suspect that the determination of the status of Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali is not related to political dynamics .

" The politicization of the case certainly is not in accordance with the principles of the rule of law . Accordingly, the Commission asked to remain professional to solve this case , " said Saleh Partaonan Daulay contacted from Jakarta , Friday ( 23/5 ) .

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Saleh said the state Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali who was a suspect in the case of the organization of the pilgrimage in his capacity as Minister of Religious Affairs will not interfere with coalition support Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

" The coalition here is political institutions , not individuals . SDA status I guess it will not interfere , " he said .

However , Saleh did not dismiss that the determination of the status of the suspect Suryadharma Ali could become a political commodity and as campaign ammunition to attack the black - Hatta mate Prabowo .

Saleh said it has prepared measures to anticipate attacks smear campaign aimed at couples - Hatta Rajasa Prabowo related to the case .


GPNU Doubt Neutrality NU

Salvation Movement chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama ( GPNU ) M Khoirul Rijal deplored the attitude of a number of elite NU publish personal adherence to a particular presidential candidate . For that , he will ask the Rais Am NU to give warning to the NU elite . ” This attitude will only confuse NU , ” he said through a press release received Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

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According Khoirul , personal support will indirectly bring carriages NU NU because most people have not been able to distinguish between personal attitudes and NU officials . Fanaticism to the figure or figures as evidence NU NU community is not able to distinguish personal and organizational attitudes .

" If this happens , Rais Am GPNU asked to give a warning to NU NU elite that misses the point, " he said .

GPNU ask NU NU board sanction of a large board level , regions , branches and twigs up , including the Autonomous Agency ( autonomous bodies ) involved NU presidential candidate be a successful team . ” Publish personally support exactly the same with one of the candidates to campaign , ” he said .

He said , NU has a duty to always protect all parties , especially the cadres who enliven the best democracy in the upcoming presidential election . Even so , NU should be neutral . ” Whoever is elected as the next president and vice president must be supported in order to work optimally in carrying out the mandate of the people , ” he added .


In the Eyes of Students Prabowo-Hatta and Jokowi-JK Thin Difference

Presidential candidate and running mate Prabowo , Hatta Rajasa , won 26.14 percent of the vote predicted student . It happens if the election was held at the time of the survey conducted some time ago .

Indonesian Survey Circle ( LSI ) in conducting surveys applying multistage random sampling method . The number of survey respondents there are 2,400 respondents nationwide with a margin of error of 2 percent . Respondents were randomly selected and interviewed in person .

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" Jokowi ahead except at the student level to the top of the 26.6 percent chose Jokowi - Hatta , and 26.14 percent opt - Hatta Prabowo , " explains researcher LSI , Ardian Sopa , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .

In terms of ethnicity , Jokowi - JK excels in all parts except the Betawi . Only 16.31 percent of the Betawi people choose mates that bloody Javanese and Bugis . While choosing Prabowo 46.69 percent . ” Much higher , ” he explained .

Despite winning at the level of the students and ethnic Betawi , figure Prabowo and Hatta thought still had to be dug up to support the community , because Jokowi and JK judged more support various parties . JK Jokowi - level electability 13 percent higher than the pair - Hatta Prabowo at this time .

" Electability Jokowi - JK 35.42 percent , and electability Prabowo - Hatta 22.75 percent . Difference both by 13 percent , " he said . From these figures , there is still 41.83 percent undecided . This figure is an opportunity both spouses candidate to take his voice .

In terms of popularity , the candidates are equally known to the majority of voters , with a percentage above 90 percent . Jokowi popularity level of 94.9 percent . Prabowo is known by 93.8 . If seen the level of preference of the two presidential candidates , Jokowi favored by 82.7 percent of respondents , 10.8 percent did not like , and 6.5 percent did not answer . While 72 percent of respondents claimed to prefer to Prabowo , 18.3 percent did not like , and 9.7 percent did not answer .

Meanwhile, if viewed from the level of decency , Jokowi judged more fit to be president than Prabowo . Jokowi judged worthy of becoming president by 65.2 percent of respondents , and the judge does not deserve any 21.5 per cent , 13.3 per cent of respondents did not answer . There are also 60.5 percent of respondents believed Prabowo deserve to be president . The rest , 21.5 percent answered not deserve , and 15.8 percent of respondents did not answer .

Political observers UIN Syarif Hidayatullah , Faisal Nurdin Idris , stated Jokowi and JK currently is being in the spotlight all the circles . Jokowi and JK blusukan style , coupled with their attitude that is open to anyone making electability and popularity soared .

Nevertheless , it is always a dynamic political states . Could eventually shifted position . The development of the situation on the ground be the deciding factor who has a positive sentiment in the public eye . ” We must follow the changes there , ” he explained . Currently Jokowi who are having a positive trend . Does not rule out the possibility that Jokowi will fall .


Kemendikbud: There is a name on the manuscript Jokowi UN, Never Charged Arguably Politics

Acting Head of Educational Assessment ( Puspendik ) Ministry of Education and Culture Nizam asked that the incidence of emergence of the name of the presidential candidate Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) in the national exam and junior high school level is not regarded as political.

" Do not say politically charged . Kan media who say things like that . We ourselves do not mean it like that , " he said , Saturday ( 17/05/2014 ) .

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Problem emergence Jokowi name , the subject exam Indonesian and English National Examination current junior high school and in some areas , Nizam revealed that it was not a deliberate action created by the team drafting the manuscript .

" I’m sure the teachers ( manuscript drafting matter ) there is no intention to put his name , " he added .

However , he does not guarantee Jokowi name will no longer appear on the exam elementary school level ( SD ) future . Because the exam is a test elementary school this time held simultaneously throughout Indonesia .

The central government , he added , had authority only gives about 25 per cent is deposited in each subject .

" So each province to formulate a script problem . Entrust We of Puspendik only be about 25 per cent of national standards , " he said .

However, by about the making of each province will remain in accordance with the test grating published National Education Standards Agency ( BSNP ) .

Primary schools and madrasah exams ibtidaiah ( MI ) will be held next week , ie 19 to May 21, 2014 . Exams will be testing three subjects , namely Mathematics , Indonesian , and IPA .


CLA Invite Golkar Support Jokowi

DPP Chairman of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Marwan Djafar invited to join Golkar shaft Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) to face the upcoming presidential election . PKB has previously been joined to the shaft with Nasdem Party .

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This was said by the time of release Marwan Indonesian Political Indicators survey in Cikini , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) . Present in the release of DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Hajriyanto Y Thohari .

Initially , Marwan commenting on the results of a survey that shows the trend would electability PDI - P candidate alias Joko Widodo Jokowi declining . Marwan rate, the decline in performance due to electability Jokowi the coalition parties that have not been maximized .

"If the CLA has been joined , and we work hard , I ‘m sure electability Jokowi will increase. Voices nationalist party if it is supported by the contributions of Islam definitely improved , " said Marwan .

Marwan then invited to join Golkar with PDI - P axis . ” If Golkar joins moreover , must be added to increase. Could win one round , ” he said .

Hajriyanto who sat next to Marwan Marwan smiled respond to the invitation . ” This is not woo tablets , but I predict it’s like that , it’s a matter of responding to the electability Jokowi down , ” added Marwan .

Earlier, Deputy Treasurer of the Golkar Party said Bambang Soesatyo , Golkar will likely join the PDI shaft with supporting senior Golkar politician , Jusuf Kalla , become candidates for vice president on the presidential election accompany Jokowi 2014.

According to him , the decision to move closer to the axis of the PDI - P will be taken in the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) Golkar Party which was held on May 17 at the Jakarta Convention Center Hall . If Golkar officially joined to the shaft PDI - P , he said , would be in a position Bakrie behind the scenes with Megawati . Both political figures it will directly lead Jokowi- Kalla winning the 2014 presidential election .


Engulfed in the flames, Money piggy bank for Eid Pun Not Radical

The victims of the fire in the rented plot Environmental Unfortunately , Village City Kulon , District of South Sumedang , only stared residual debris fires . Almost all the occupants of the rented rooms should lose all their possessions , except those attached to the body , when the fire raging .

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They are now housed in the Multipurpose Building PLN and local government also built a volleyball court in the command tent in the neighborhood .

" Only the clothes are left and was trying to paw at the former fire only find gold jewelry bracelets are already burnt half , " said Oon Sumarni ( 29 ) , a resident of rooms rented , while showing three grams of gold bracelets were just half , Friday ( 2 / 5/2014 ) .

Oon contracted room with her husband , Matthew Suhaedi ( 30 ) , who trades meatballs know . ” My husband was selling when the fire broke out and I chose to flee while carrying my child , ” he said while carrying only child , Windi Gustiawan , aged seven months .

By Oon , money deposit USD 550,000 for motor credit stored behind the mattress also stay ash .

"The money is collected and deposited plans Friday to pay credit to the motor , " said Oon this Rancakalong origin .

The filler plots are rented mostly worked as a traveling salesman chicken noodles , meatballs , until meatballs know it also lost money piggy bank respectively .

" For us this Eid face saving in a piggy bank , but last when opened turns charred paper money was left , only a blackened color coin , " said Oon also echoed occupant rented for Rp 100,000 a month .

The same thing should be experienced Dodo , occupants rented plots .

" I was selling cigarettes in front of the bike shop and smoke it usually can take home as much to buy cigarettes when they come . All cigarettes were sold out , including the money of Rp 1 million , " said Dodo .

Great fire devastated 16 rooms 22 rooms rented , Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) at around 17:00 . The fire allegedly from a gas stove used to fry the chicken noodle dumplings by one of the residents rented . Suspected leaking hose stove and then grabbed a fire burning buildings made of wood .

Within 15 minutes , it sold 16 rooms rented . Three fleet Tackling successfully localize the cow so it does not spread to other houses in the village were crowded house .